Trafford Ecology Park is the perfect place for young people to immerse themselves in outdoor learning and forest school programmes; packed full of safe places to dig, build, explore and even spaces to build a fire to cook on.

And although bad weather won’t usually stop young people from enjoying the outdoors, we have forest school shelter if the rain gets torrential or the wind gets too high.

Below are a number outdoor education & play options available at Trafford Ecology Park:

1. Holiday Clubs

During school holidays We Are Adventures use the Ecology Park for Forest School holiday clubs.

From 9.00am to 4.30pm children enjoy a day packed with outdoor fun in the woodlands with tree climbing, den building and themed adventures. Holiday clubs include hot lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the day and there is a fantastic no screens allowed rule throughout!


2. Forest School Taster Sessions

Curious about forest school and want to find out more?

Our forest school taster sessions are the perfect way to see if forest school is the right fit for your young people.

A full day taster session is priced at £500 (price can vary depending on group size) and is the perfect see how your young people can benefit from this great outdoor space and an engaging educational programme.


3. Forestry Fun

Looking for an exciting, fun packed day for a group of young people filled with of outdoor learning and forestry fun?

Trafford Ecology Park is the perfect place for it; packed full of safe places to dig, build and explore. Our education team has a Level 3 qualified Forest School practitioner meaning we’re best qualified to guide your young people through a range of activities, we can even build a fire to toast marshmallows. Other activities include:

  • Den making – Make your own wigwam in a fun outdoor environment. Explore the forest and use natural materials to create your own imaginative dens.
  • Tidy trail – Join Pete the Badger and friends from Emily Gravett’s book for a fun spotting nature trail. Learn new facts about local wildlife as part of a fun adventure trail through the forest.
  • Nature arts & crafts – From creating clay faces to nature bracelets, your young people will play and innovate using natural materials from our lovely eco-park, enhancing their creativity while learning about the natural world.
  • Pond dipping – Discover the abundant pondlife lurking in the depths of our ponds. Get spotting with inaturalist and identify some of the unique species found in the park.

Forestry Fun sessions start from £350 for half day and £500 for full day session with the final price dependent on group size and activities. 

4. Use our facilities

If you already adopt a Forest School approach at your school in Greater Manchester and would like to explore a local, wild, but safe, place then we have something to offer at Trafford Ecology Park.

Our 11 acre outdoor space includes a lake, woodland and natural play area which can all be enjoyed.

Alternatively, if you would like advice on how to make your school grounds more Forest School friendly our Landscape Design Team and Forest School practitioners can help you take the next steps, use the contact button above to find out more.

Boy in forest school

Why outdoor education?

There are numerous studies about the benefits outdoor education has on young people. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Free play and participation in creative learning tasks and challenges inspires imagination in children and young people.
  • Being outdoors improves wellbeing for both physical and mental health.
  • For those children who struggle to engage in the confined space of a classroom, outdoor education enhances learning by active use of the senses.
  • By encouraging risky play and by setting tasks, children’s confidence and independence improves.
  • Being away from the digital world encourages empathy and respect for nature and for other people.
Forest School girl with leaf