Hedge Building and Bonding with Yokogawa

On a crisp sunny day at Trafford Ecology Park a group of volunteers from Yokogawa, a manufacturing firm based in Runcorn, helped to transform a section of the park’s overgrowth near the Meeting Place into a habitable area for both the wildlife and the parks visitors.

Dead Hedges

The project for the Yokogawa employees was to clear the overgrown area leading up to the Meeting Place; Groundwork’s meeting venue in the park. As well as the mass of overgrowth there was also lots of old building materials left from when the building was constructed.

The volunteers led by two of Groundworks Community Leads, Fran and Lydia, were tasked with cutting down all of the brambles and dogwood, but to leave any young tree’s as the goal wasn’t to rid the area of vegetation. Due to the leftover materials from the Meeting Place’s construction there was lots of wood (timber) and two A-frames left over, working together they dismantled and sawed down the A-frames, which were then used to line the path and border the area.

Leftover wood and dead trees were then used to create a dead hedge (piles of branches or twigs to form a barrier) along the path leading to where the Forest School is held. This technique was also used to make some Newt Habitats near the pond, providing a safe place for the local Newts to make home.

Volunteer Feedback

Alastair Paley, a volunteer from Yokogawa explained the groups reason for coming to the Eco Park

“Yokogawa is very keen on its social responsibilities. The entire company has been going out in their departments to help communities. We have been here today helping clear out the overgrowth at Trafford Ecology Park plus we’ve taken part in litter picks and worked with disadvantaged children.”

When asked about his time volunteering, he responded

“I enjoy doing this sort of stuff, especially in a group, these are great team building activities and there is a huge benefit to giving back.”

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