Forest school exploring

“This is like Minecraft but real life!”

This month, 24 year five children from St George’s Primary School in Salford visited Trafford Ecology Park for a Forest School experience to celebrate the launch of the new outdoor classroom which was built last month thanks to funding from the Cargill Cares fund. The generous donation not only provides a new outdoor classroom for all to use but also the costs of delivering a number of forest school events to local schools.

Throughout the day the children explored the woodland habitat and used natural materials to build dens, make woodland necklaces and learn about the different animals and plants living at the Ecology Park.

Some of the children learnt how to use a bow saw and hand drill and how to tie knots correctly.

There were opportunities to relax in hammocks and in the shelter, providing time to reflect on the day and be inspired by the natural surroundings.

The school booked the outdoor education visit for this group of children had experienced a difficult year and needed some support in their transition into year 6.

The teachers hoped that a positive outdoor learning experience would help invigorate learning and reward the pupils perseverance throughout the year.

And they weren’t disappointed; the teachers said that they had observed completely different behaviours in the children, with hidden skills and talents being revealed including noticing details and creativity.

Here’s what the children thought of the day:

‘This is like Minecraft but real life’ Aaron

‘Before today, I didn’t think I liked nature, but I do now’ Olivia

‘The nature walk was interesting.’ Corinda

‘What a wonderful experience!’ Alyssa

‘I learnt how to do a plait.’ Mikey

‘I loved making the dens with my friends.’ Hibat

‘Making dens made my imagination come to life – you could just let out all these ideas of how to keep animals safe.’ Joe