AND Digital Volunteering Day

On the 19th of August, over 90 employees from AND Digital, a digital skills organisation, took part in a volunteering day at the Trafford Ecology Park.

The employees arrived and were split into colour coded teams, who each had tasks to do throughout the day to improve different aspects of the park. Here’s what each team got up to:

The Blue Team spent the day improving pathways, the pond and the newly built Kitchen Garden.

The Green Team did a fantastic job improving the woodland and maintaining the Wildflower Meadows.

The Yellow Team constructed benches outside the Meeting Place, as well as painting the Bird Hide and maintaining the pathways.

The Red Team had a great time improving the Wetland Meadows and maintaining the surrounding woodland.

And finally, the Silver Team helped with litter picking, clearing the pathway outside the Eco Park and building bug hotels.

In total, the team contributed over 400 hours of volunteering!

If you would like to join a volunteering day at the Ecology Park, visit our page here.