Park Improvements thanks to the Natural Neighbourhoods Team

In 2021 Groundwork Greater Manchester created eight new jobs for young people to kick start their career in the environmental sector. Their work would help protect and improve green-spaces in both natural and urban environments across the city region.

Trafford Ecology Park was one of the sites the team worked on whilst developing their green skills.

During the project they undertook a variety of tasks including:

Wildflower planting

The team cut back all the overgrown weeds from around the main office building in the park and sowed wildflowers in their place. The wildflowers sown will help to control weeds whilst providing cover for smaller animals. Not to mention the benefit of providing food to wild birds and pollinating insects.

Maintaining The Meadow

The team also removed self-sowing trees in the meadow area. Left unchecked self-sowing seeds can soon turn a grassy area into a forest. By removing these trees, it ensures the area is preserved as a meadow and will continue to support the wildlife that lives there.

Improving Access

To ensure members of the public could access this local nature spot, the team undertook footpath and woodland management as well as the development of nature trails and pond improvements. This was done by clearing footpaths around site and clearing overgrown dogwood behind the bird hide, improving the view to the lake.

New signage was installed on the site to showcase what the nature reserve has to offer, including ponds and the nature and play area.

This work was done as part of the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund and delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England and the Environment Agency.