Drone footage of Trafford Ecology Park

This week a friend of Trafford Ecology Park, Richard Pilling, captured what the site looks like from a birds eye perspective, capturing this fantastic footage on a drone.

The footage highlights the beauty of the park; from the wide open expanse of the lake to the sprawl of the wildflower meadow.

Set in one of Europe’s largest commercial industrial estates, the video also highlights how rare green space is the area.

According to a WHO report, urban life can be challenging on health and is associated with chronic stress and insufficient physical activity. Green spaces can promote mental and physical health through stress alleviation and psychological relaxation.

We hope that the footage encourages people working in the area to visit Trafford Ecology Park; helping to improve their well-being. We also hope that the video encourages local businesses to become a supporter of the park; helping to maintain it for all to use. If you are a business interested in supporting us, please email us to start a discussion.

Thank you to Richard Pilling for the footage.