The Trafford Ecology Park Celebration Event

Trafford Ecology Park has been run by local charity, Groundwork Greater Manchester for 33 years. During this time, the charity has supported the local community in a variety of ways, from youth work to helping people into employment. On the 16th June 2022 Groundwork Greater Manchester hosted a Celebration Event at the park, celebrating the accomplishments of several Community Stars, whilst also demonstrating the types of activities the charity undertakes in the community.

The Activities

Attendees to the event split into smaller groups, each led by a member of the Groundwork team. Each group started at a different location in the park so that everyone could try all the activities.

1. Green Skills

Natural Environment Tutors deliver Carbon Literacy training to everyone on Groundwork’s employment programmes, helping them to develop skills in the green economy. As part of the celebration event the tutors developed a boardgame challenging guests to overcome a variety of situations in order to reach the UK’s net zero goal by 2050. Do you think any of the guests managed it?

2. Outdoor Education

Attendee’s joined Community Leads, Lydia and Gemma, to forage through the Ecology Parks woodland to find natural materials for creating mini bug hotels. This activity is undertaken as part of the Forest School provision and was designed to showcase how outdoor education and play enhances children’s imaginations and improves physical and mental health.

3. Nature Based Solutions

Event attendees were invited by Landscape Architect, Richard to install the first Living Wall at Trafford Ecology Park! Although the park is already a green paradise, Living walls and Green Roofs are a creative way to brighten up urban spaces, grow food and attract wildlife. Our experts were keen to share how easy they were to install and explain what a difference these walls, and other nature-based-solutions, are making in the fight against climate change.

4. Tacking Fuel Poverty

This workshop took place in The Meeting Place, a sustainably designed building in the Ecology Park. The Energyworks Green Doctors discussed the issues faced by thousands of people across Greater Manchester and how they help them. This includes installing energy saving measures, registering people on the priority service register and for the warm home discount or sorting out payment plans for energy debts and dealing with energy complaints. Guests were treated to an energy saver lucky dip where people took home some of the freebies usually give out to residents, such as socks and blankets.

5. Low Carbon Supermarket

A make shift Supermarket was constructed in the school shelter and celebration event attendees were invited to imitate their weekly shop…but there was a twist! After loading up their baskets with their typical items, the till calculated the Carbon Footprint of their weekly shop rather than the cost! The aim of the shop was to see the effect your food shop has on the environment and gain tips on how to lower your carbon footprint.

Community Stars

In addition to the activities, attendees joined members of the Groundwork team to celebrate seven members of the public who were awarded a Community Stars acknowledgment for going above and beyond their own expectations or within their community. Each award winner was nominated by a Groundwork employee who was also in attendance on the day. More about the community stars can be found here!