Scavenger Hunt and Nature Activities

Trafford Ecology Park is packed full of safe places to dig, build and explore. Our 11-acre outdoor space includes a lake, woodland and natural play area which can all be enjoyed. Here are some suggested activities you can do whilst at the park to get creative with nature.

Take part in a Scavenger Hunt

Our nature-based scavenger hunt can be completed during your visit to the park. These are free to download and easy to print. Parents and guardians can get involved too by logging the results online and supporting the monitoring of local wildlife using inaturalist.

We offer two Scavenger Hunts, one for the warmer months and one for the colder months, as the season will decide what you can find in nature!

Den Making

Make your own wigwam by exploring the woodland area and using natural materials found on the forest floor, to create an imaginative den.

  • Look for a tree with a fork from one of the lower branches.
  • Next, find some long, sturdy sticks on the ground to prop in the fork and fan them out to make a secure frame.
  • Whilst leaving a gap for an entrance, pick up bendy sticks from the floor and weave them in and out of the frame to make the walls.
  • As a finishing touch you can forage dried leaves to make a cosy carpet for your den.

We would love to see then dens you make! Send in your photos to the Trafford Ecology Park Facebook page to share your designs with other visitors.

Build a nest

Lend an extra hand to nature and make a nest for native birds by sourcing natural materials such as sticks, grass and moss.

  • Start with a bundle of grass, mould it into a loop then weave the other materials into it.
  • Keep weaving until your loop begins to resemble a nest and is quite secure.
  • Leave your nest in the woodland area (ideally high up) and check back over time to see if any birds make it their home.

Please note, if you would like to bring a large group of children to the park, please let us know in advance so we can make sure there are no other activities taking place that day. If you would like some support with a school visit, Groundwork’s education team are qualified to guide young people through a range of activities, however funding is limited so please contact us to see if there are any existing opportunities.